Imagine hanging this beautiful suncatcher in your window, with rainbows reflecting off the faceted crystals or display this on the wall as art. This suncatcher was handmade using various crystals and beads, Turquoise, Black Onyx and Turquoise semi-precious gemstones with silver and pearl accent beads. This measures 17 3/8 inches in total length.


DID YOU KNOW: Natural gemstones/semi-precious gemstones are believed to hold unique vibrations and healing abilities. Turquoise can promote communication, peace, tranquility, emotional balance, spiritual grounding. It is believed that Turquoise is a sacred stone which can protect against negative energy, bring good fortune and considered a master healer. Great for use in meditation and is associated with the throat chakra.


Black Onyx semi-precious gemstones are an excellent grounding and protective stone and is associated with the root chakra. It repels negative energy. Onyx can help relieve anxiety and reduce stress, encouraging peace of mind, strength of body and comfort for the soul. It can be used to heal addictions, release negative energy, heal past traumas both mentally and physically and more.


Blue Agate is best known as a calming stone, achieving balance and harmony of the mind and body. Blue Agate can protect against negative energy promoting positivity, peace, relaxation and clarity. This stone is associated with the throat chakra.

    Turquoise Black Onyx and Blue Agate Wall Hanging - Suncatcher



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