This bracelet is handmade with blue Apatite and Quartz semi-precious gemstones. It measures 8 1/2" long and has a toggle style clasp. The larger stones measure approx. 3/4" x 1".


DID YOU KNOW: Natural gemstones/semi-precious gemstones are believed to hold unique vibrations and healing abilities.

Blue Apatite is believed to be a stone of manifestation. This stone can encourage spiritual growth and humanitarianism. It is most associated with the crown chakra but is also a great healer when used with all chakras, eliminating blockages and promotes clarity.


Quartz is a master stone and very powerful. When combined with other stones it can amplify their energies.  It is known to promote self-discipline and organization. Blue Quartz is associated with the throat chakra and helps with communication abilities, creativity and expression.

Blue Apatite and Quartz Bracelet



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