This is a stunning, handmade, all natural Amethyst necklace. I'm very passionate about the stones I choose for each creation, I look for special inclusions, coloring, shape, cut and beauty. This was so much fun to make, It's definitely one of my favorites.  This necklace features various colors, shapes, facets, sizes and beautiful inclusions I hope you can see from the pictures. Every stone is Amethyst, and are accented with small silver beads and a toggle style clasp with small hearts on it. This measures 20 1/2 inches in total length, the largest stone measures approximately one by one inches.


DID YOU KNOW: Gemstones, semi-precious gemstones and crystals are believed to hold unique energy vibrations and various healing abilities for the mind, body and soul. Each possesses it’s own unique healing abilities and energy vibrations.


The energy of Amethyst is very powerful, promoting peace, cleansing of toxicities, healing and good fortune. A royal and spiritual stone, it is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras aiding in meditation, opening intuition, inspiration and powerful dreams. 

Amethyst Chunks natural semiprecious gemstone Necklace



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